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How to change raids on coin masters?

While playing the coin master game there is an action item option on the slot. When an individual spins a raid the game directly lands to another player’s village and it will also give you 4 β€˜β€™X” marked spots to dig using 3 shovels.

While doing the raid the player you raid, he is known as coin master and the random player or your friend who has the highest number of coins. But people have doubts about how to change raids on coin masters?

How does an individual earn coins in raids?

Individuals who play coin master can earn more and more coins in the raids by bet feature or by the foxy that is the pet which gets unlocked.

The feature of the slot machine helps to increase the chances of earning more and more points and spins by winning the raid two to three times and sometimes it can be more than three.

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When a player uses the bet option at the end of the raid then it will show the coins it will also multiply to give the actual number that is received.

If you want more coins you can get foxy the pet which gets unlocked at the 4th village that is β€œX” spot.

Coin master big rates

If you want more coins you have to raid and win it. But how you will check the raid is big means how you can bet on a big raid. You can simply check through the BET X1 button continuously, till it shows you BET 10 X, if it stops at BET 3X then you can check the game update.

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If it comes BET 10 X that means now you can play big 90 M or 120 M coins it depends on the stars. Coin master aid depends on the stars, more stars you can get more big raids. This is an upgrade for the people who play it.

How to change raid on coin masters?

Coin master does not provide an option to change raid. Raid is always given by the coin master automatically.

Real players play their game by their hard work not b tactics or any other things.

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How can you Raid to another village in 2020?

We have discussed in the article that many websites will tell you that opening their link will provide you with coins and spins but they might be fake, spam try to collect your personal data so you have to be very alert for those sites.

You have to just get free spin through installing the game and inviting the friends that are on Facebook or any other sites. From this article users will get to know how to change raid in coin masters?

  •         Free Coins.
  •         Hammer.
  •         Free Raid.
  •          Shields.
  •         Free Spins.
  •         And many more.

Here are some sites which will help you getting know about raid:

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