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How to Get Golden Card in Coin Master – ANSWERED

Do you know why there is a golden card? What golden card do? What is the power of the golden card? 

The golden card is like a gem for players. The golden card has its own powers which help players increase their ranking and coins easily in the game. This article will help you know how to get golden card in coin master.

In case you need to find a golden card there are two ways for you. First, you can search them in the chest box. By any chance you can get a golden card in the chest and Second, you can find it in the village. 

When you are searching for the golden card in the village you need to search deeply. If you will search the card just from above you may not find it. You have to search the card with your naked eye in the game.

In case you are worried about how to get golden card in coin master, these are the two best ways to get the golden card in coin master. You have to search in the village deeply because if you do now, you may lose the chance of getting the golden card. 

You must search in a village until you get around 1-1.5 billion cards from one village. If you get 1-1.5 billion cards from one village and still you are unable to find a golden card from that village then you can shift to the next village but keep in mind before that do not leave the village you were searching in.

You just have to make sure that you should not miss any opportunity or any chance to lose the golden card before anyone else takes it. Do not rush just sit and search deeply.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that try to find the golden card in lower level only because as the level grows difficulty grows with it too. So in order to use and save the card for higher levels then you should start searching for the card from the very first day you start playing.

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The golden card is very important in the game and it’s better if you find it at lower levels only and this will help you defeat the competitors easilycoin master cover photo

You can go and purchase the golden card from the chest too if you need the golden card immediately without making any effort. This will help you save your time. There is a rare card which is spread over the village. You must collect as many rare cards as you can.

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Winding up

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Now we may assume that we have solved your query related to how to get golden card in coin master easily. You may know how to get the golden card in the game immediately or after the search to

Do not waste your time, grab yourself a golden card now! 


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