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How to hide village in coin master? – Answered!

Do you want your village in coin master will get destroyed by your enemies when you are not playing it? In coin master players have to attack their enemies villages so that they can increase the rank and coins by defeating them.

If you do not have a shield and you know when you close the coin master your enemies can destroy your village and take all your coins from it then the best thing you can do is hide your village. You cannot take the risk in coin master anymore. 

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You need to hide your village if you are not capable enough to beat your enemies. Just save yourself rather than destroying all the efforts you did in building the village.

But now the question arises, how to hide village in coin master? The best answer to this problem of yours is here with us. You can save your village and your efforts made in building your village by hiding/ disappearing it for a period of time.

Answer to this query is that you can hide your village by removing your account from Facebook settings. The web you click on settings on Facebook, you will see an option saying remove your account, click on it. This will help remove your account from coin master immediately and safely.  

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If you will do so, this will help you hide your village in coin master and no will see your village until unless you turn it on again. This will help you save your village from enemies or your friends whom you think they can destroy your village and take away your coins.

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You can relax after doing this. You do not have to worry about your village anymore. None of your friends will attack your village. We have provided you with some links which will help you know how to hide village in coin master. Click on them now.

Coin Master Link-1

Coin Master Link-2

Coin Master Link-3

Coin Master Link-4

Coin Master Link-5

Seeing the above links now you may know what steps to be taken in order to hide your village from friends and enemies. You can save and hide your village till when you want to turn it on again and allow your enemies and friends to see your village again.

Many players turn it on or make their village visible when they are well protected, they have enough coins and spins to destroy their enemies, etc until then no player makes their village visible to anyone. 

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Winding up

We hope you got your answer regarding how to hide village in coin master. You target two things together by doing this. You not only hide your village and save it from your friends or enemies but also you protect your village by increasing your wealth of coins and making it stronger than before

This is done so that if someone attacks your village they will lose all their coins in defeating you but still after spending all coins they lose still.

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